Investing & Personal Finance for Women

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Investing and Personal Finance for Women.

A non-judgemental place where women can gain self-awareness & financial confidence about their personal financial decisions.


Most of us didn't learn how to save and invest in school, so why should we be expected to just "know" how to manage our money in our adult life? 


As a professional woman who's worked as an investment portfolio manager, compliance officer and financial advisor in the traditionally male-dominated world of finance for 30+ years, I've seen and experienced the frustration, confusion and simply lack of who to trust that exists when it comes to talking about money.  
Understanding the basics and talking with others can help you make MORE INFORMED CHOICES when it comes to saving, investing, growing, planning and protecting your wealth.
This group is all about providing the education you need to help YOU get confident and intentional about your money decisions.
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It's not just a Community, it's a MOVEMENT!
We're bringing women together to talk about topics like:
  • How can I budget more effectively?
  • How do I start investing?
  • Is my retirement plan structured to meet my goals? 

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 Perks of Joining the Community:

  • Live training inside the group;
  • A community of like-minded women who have a desire to grow their knowledge of personal finance;
  • Community members are first to be notified of any special training or freebies I publish.