A woman in charge

of her economic future is a woman with power over her own life.

- Laurie Bodisch

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Most financial advisors take your money, put you into a cookie-cutter portfolio, and don’t educate you on the why behind your financial decisions and how these decisions connect to achieving your goals and priorities. 

You awkwardly nod your head at the murky fee schedule and somehow agree to something the advisor called a “risk tolerance level.”

Flustered and overwhelmed, you sign some papers, hoping that no one notices you have no idea what you just agreed to or where your financial future is headed. *Sigh*

Not anymore.

Take control of your narrative

You have a story. I have the tools. Welcome home.


Overcome financial intimidation

The financial industry is intimidating..., especially for women. The terminology feels like an “insider’s club” that does not allow new members. 

Have you ever thought:

  • How can I trust a practical stranger in one of the most intimate areas of my life?! 
  • I don’t have enough money to ask for help...they will laugh me out of the door. 
  • I have made too many mistakes...it is too embarrassing.


Don't let your past stand in the way of making that big life change

Money is a taboo subject and the source of many of our deepest emotions-- anxiety, shame, embarrassment, and insecurity. We didn’t grow up talking about it. And now in many of our circles, it is considered “crass,” “rude,” or “arrogant” to talk about money. Yet we have somehow equated our value as human beings to how much money is in our bank account.

Where do turn to talk about money without judgment or comparison?  


Stop worrying & retire comfortably

Most schools do not teach financial literacy yet there is a societal expectation of being “financially smart” without ever being taught the basic skills.

Financial literacy is one of the core skills needed to succeed in the 21st century.

Abolish the fear that "I will run out of money" for good. Feel confident in your financial plan for today, daily living in retirement, long-term care, legacy/inheritance, and maximizing social security benefits. 

"A woman in charge

of her economic future is a woman with power over her own life."

- Laurie Bodisch


"A woman in charge of her economic future is a woman with power over her own life."

- Laurie Bodisch

Find Financial Freedom

Who is Her Wealth Coach?


Hey there! I'm Laurie.

I have managed thousands of accounts, helping women just like you intentionally build long-term wealth because I've seen too many women get burned because they didn't have a go-to financial person they could trust.



  • 30+ years in the corporate finance world
  • Certified Trust and Fiduciary Advisor (CTFA™)
  • Certified Fiduciary and Investment Risk Specialist (CFIRS®)
  • National Social Security Advisor Certificate (NSSA®)
  • Obtained Series 7, 9, 10, 24, 63, and 65 securities licenses 
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