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Her Wealth Coach

We believe a woman in charge of her economic future is a woman with power over her own life.

So who are we?

An educational empowerment company on a mission to provide immersive customer-focused solutions to help women gain the self-awareness and financial confidence to take control of her own narrative. 

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What we DO:


  • Wealth coaching and investment planning
  • Online financial courses
  • Financial membership community 


  • Corporate and business workshops
  • Small business retirement plans
  • Employee group consulting packages (retirement, investment management, estate planning, etc.)



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It's time to step into YOUR POWER!

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What we do NOT DO: 

  • Personal budgeting
  • Credit repair and monitoring
  • Taxes & bookkeeping
  • Personal or business loans
  • Legal implementation (wills, trust agreements, powers of attorney)
  • Financial audits
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate


We are experts our field.

We niche our services to provide YOU the best of the best. 

My Mission

BELIEF | A woman in charge of her economic future is a woman with power over her own life.

WHY | To educate and empower women so that we have the confidence to experience financial security and the freedom to make our own choices. 

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Women Face Unique Challenges.


  • Women live longer than men (the average is about 6.2 years).
  • Women earn less than a man for the same work which adds up to tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over time.
  • Women are usually the one who takes time off to care for young children or an older parent. We miss the opportunity make additions into our company sponsored retirement plan as well as accruing social security benefits.

Bottom line: 

Women have to make their money last longer.

How can I help? 


If you have a finance-related question or would like to know more about my services, please fill out the form below and I'll respond via email.


We celebrate diversity and inclusion and chose a golden pineapple as our logo and visual commitment to the world.

We welcome ALL women to our community.


We are industry leaders who are held in high esteem, respected, reliable, dependable and credible.

We are a fiduciary, legally and ethically bound to put YOUR interests first.


Our moral compass keeps our team undivided. We are not here to convince you, but to educate and empower you.

We ALWAYS put people above and before profit.


We are sensitive your thoughts, emotions and experiences around money. Your past mistakes do not define your future.

WE ARE your financial safe haven.